12 Week Healthy Living Plan

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About Course

This course provides weekly coaching with a focus on diet, nutrition, exercise, meditation, and yoga.  We will use the state-of-the-art app, CoachConnect for tracking and reviewing what, how, and when you are eating, as well as support you in making different choices that will help you achieve your nutrition and lifestyle goals. This plan will help you understand your unique bio-individuality and allow you to recognize how foods affect your body. Each week, you will receive tools that support your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health via the CoachConnect app and the online course.


My approach:

It’s all about assessing, tracking, and modifying. We will unpack your mood and food connection, how you respond to certain stressors, the crux of your relationship to food and exercise, and the big picture of what you would like to achieve in our time together.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How your body works (Bio-individuality)
  • Carbs, Fats, Proteins: what they are, where your body digests them, and how to identify them.
  • How to regulate your blood sugar
  • How to incorporate your bodies needs into your lifestyle
  • How to keep your gut happy and healthy
  • How to maintain your energy

Course Content

Start Here

  • Download and Watch: Get Inspired – Intention for Healthy Living Program

Week 1: Preparation, Set-Up and Self-Reflection
Preparation is the key to success in all areas of our lives so Week 1 is all about preparation, set-up, and self-reflection. In Week 1, we’ll spend time looking at ourselves, our relationship with food, movement, and support. Together, we’ll look at the tools in our belt and see if any are missing (or need to be sharpened). You’ll get set up in the CoachConnect app and get to explore the features of the app as well as build out your starting profile which includes inputting your goals. You'll be able to practice recording entries and you'll even be able to start planning and preparing some meals right away. A link to your new CoachConnect Account will be provided by RushlowWellness so look for that in a separate email. A handful of quick, motivational quizzes will help us start to define your vision and goals, ultimately helping you decide what you want to get out of this program and your life. These quizzes should be completed in advance of your Kick-off Session with Amy. In week 1, you'll also be responsible for scheduling your initial 30-minute kick-off session with Amy as well as 1 session per week for each week of the Program.

Week 2: Release + Let Go Clean Start
Week 2 is all about cleaning out our gut, our minds, our souls. We'll explore healthy ways to address and eliminate what has been doing harm, creating blockages, and causing resistance so that we are free to move forward in our whole health journey.

Week 3: The Lab
I call Week 3 'The Lab' because it’s where we begin to reintroduce foods back into our daily lives to see how we respond. It’s all about experimenting with our own bio-individuality. Week 3 requires you to really pay attention to things and note how they affect you physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. This is a big week for data recording.

Week 4: Dialing It In
Week 4 is all about fine-tuning with tweaks and adjustments to your diet and nutrition plan. Adjustments here will support you in achieving the vision and goals that you set for yourself in Week 1. Your health journey is like a staircase, we rise and fall as well as have plateaus so learning how to tune your unique dial is paramount to your journey. We also begin to learn about certain foods and how to make more informed choices when using them. From healthy fats… to sugar options… to protein sources, we begin to understand the language of health and how to speak it for ourselves.

Week 5: The Plan
Week 5 is one of my favorite weeks because you get to start using all the tools you have been learning about in weeks 1-4. During this week, I will support you in creating a custom health plan that supports your goal. I teach you the skills so that you can begin planning your own meals, make adjustments if needed, and learn how to manage unpredictable situations with ease and confidence. You become the full-time driver of your health. I become the backseat driver to support you moving forward. Your plan is your foundation and this week you start construction on the new you. Brick by brick, piece by piece, you learn to layer things to support your own health and bio-individuality.

Week 6: Expect The Unexpected
In Week 6 we'll look at scenarios that may throw you off track. We discuss holidays, parties, celebrations, vacations, crises, and other unexpected situations to make sure you are able to handle what comes your way without it throwing you off track. This is a key week for long-term and lasting lifestyle modifications.

Week 7: Recheck
In Week 7 we circle back and fine-tune your plan, vision, and goals to make sure we are on track. You will continue to learn not only how food affects your body, but how stress, sleep, and environmental toxins can derail you just as easily as the wrong foods. We tend to know this in the grand scheme of things, but we will actually look at your unique stress, sleep, and environmental toxins to assess and recommend tangible modifications to support you in closing the gaps of whole health.

Week 8: Balance
By Week 8 you are well on your way to developing the new habits you need to support your health and wellness. We'll continue to build on those by learning to set boundaries, prioritize your health, and see where we can find balance in life. Finding this balance will support long-lasting lifestyle modifications. You will learn new ways to communicate your needs to yourself, support networks, and those around us. We do this with no guilt, judgment, or shame. test

Week 9: Turn it up
Now that you have balance by perfecting your healthy habits and routine, it’s time to 'Turn It Up' to accomplish your vision and goals. This could be taking your meal prepping to the next level (like prep all meals, 2 weeks at a time, prep for the whole family, or having the family involved in prep). This could also include your fitness and mental health routine.

Week 10: What’s missing?
We take a deep dive into the process you have made and touch base with your assessment of things in Week 10. There is a habit to be so focused on the results that we forget to stop and be present. In Week 10 we do just that to ensure you are not left missing out on things in your journey.

Week 11: Recheck
In Week 11 we take one last look at your vision and goals to confirm they still hold true and you are on track to achieve them. This is where you may need to make adjustments to support your health. Things have shifted in the last 10 weeks and therefore we provide a safe space to change our path while still having the support of your coach.

Week 12: Graduate
in Week 12 you take full control of your mental, physical, spiritual, emotional health. It’s time to take all your learnings and prepare to fly on your own. You will end Week 12 with everything you need to maintain the good work you have been doing and to continue on your own. Guardrails are removed and you are the driver of your health. Congratulations on completing this journey.

A course by

Rushlow Wellness
Rushlow Wellness
Certified Life Caoch, Health Coach and Functional Nutrition Counselor
Enrollment validity: 95 days

Material Includes

  • App access to CoachConnect
  • 1 hour on-demand video
  • 12+ Downloadable Resources


  • No prior health knowledge is required or assumed
  • Printing capabilities helpful but not required
  • Mobile App: CoachConnect, set-up initiated by Rushlow Wellness
  • Ability to access Zoom for Virtual coaching Sessions
  • Ability to schedule weekly 30-minute zoom sessions with coach


  • Anyone tired of counting calories and macros
  • Anyone wanting to learn the truth about oils and fats
  • Anyone with an open mind towards holistic nutrition

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