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New Student Special $39 for 2 weeks unlimited classes.

88 High St, Milford, CT 06460

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AT Sangha Yoga Logo

Welcome to AT Sangha Yoga

Welcome to
AT Sangha Yoga

Our studio’s mission is to make everyone feel welcome, included, safe, free to be who they are, that they belong, and that they have access to services, like yoga and meditation. We strive for inclusion that allows everyone to feel welcome without trying to change them, silence them, or negate some parts of their true self. We’re moms, yogis, and human beings. We want the best for our family, and our sangha (community). We believe in sustainability, accessibility, volunteering, empowerment, and giving back. We believe in peace, love, and equity. And most of all we believe in you! Won’t you come join us.


Unlimited Monthly

Access to all regular scheduled weekly classes.
Auto renews monthly on the date of original purchase (example 8/10-9/10-10/10 etc.) Including kids/tween/family, plus monthly schedule classes. Excludes workshops. *CT State Sales Tax of 6.35% added at check out. 


Midday Express Monthly

Access to our Midday Express class ONLY. This class is offered from 12-12:45pm Monday-Friday. Auto renews each month on the date of original purchase (example 8/10-9/10-10/10 etc.) Excludes workshops. *CT State Sales Tax of 6.35% added at check out.


New Student Special

2 Weeks Unlimited Access to regular weekly schedule classes. Expires 2 weeks from date of purchase. New Students Only. *CT State Sales Tax of 6.35% added at check out. 


Drop In Rate

One time use for regular weekly scheduled class.
Expires 30 days from date of purchase. *CT State Sales Tax of 6.35% added at check out. 


5-Class Pass

Use on 5 regular weekly scheduled class.
Expires 3 months from date of purchase. *CT State Sales Tax of 6.35% added at check out. 
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Midday Express

Instructor: Varies

Practice this 45-minute yoga class with our lovely instructors midday when you need a boost of energy or any time you’re looking for a short and sweet, feel-good flow that will challenge, strengthen, revitalize, and stretch you out! This is the perfect yoga class to take on your lunch break.

All abilities welcome. Max capacity of 10


Yoga Shred

Instructor: Amy Rushlow and Anastasia Pryanikova

This class combines yoga and fitness all in one. Imagine getting a beautiful yoga practice with a HIIT workout infused into one class. Welcome to Yoga Shred. This class incorporates HIIT-style fitness moves into your yoga class to bring you the best of both worlds.

All abilities welcome. Max capacity of 10.

plank image

Beginners Yoga

Instructor: Amy Rushlow 

A beginners class focusing on the fundamentals, learn the basics, like Mountain Pose, Staff Pose, Plank Pose, and Sun Salutations. We build from the ground up!

All abilities welcome. Max capacity of 12.


Gentle Slow Flow

Instructor: Anastasia Pryanikova

All abilities welcome. Max capacity of 10.



Instructor: Amy Rushlow 


New to yoga or looking for a refresher? This class is designed to learn the basics of yoga, asana (pose) by asana (pose). Focused on learning alignment, breath, and engagement to teach you the fundamentals of yoga. Enjoy learning how to support your body in your practice. 


All abilities, temperaments, and uniqueness are welcome. Max capacity of 12.

yoga sculpt

Yoga Sculpt

Instructor: Anastasia Pryanikova

Enjoy the benefits of yoga combined with the energy of a workout. Power up and ground down in this 60-minute class, improving strength and mobility. Tap into the energy of the solar plexus to improve balance and coordination, as well as develop confidence, discipline, and stamina on and off the mat. Repetitions of yoga poses and dynamic transitions are mixed with intervals of grounding and relaxation to create empowering sequences to get you moving and grooving as you build strength, improve cardio and release stress. We’ll finish the class with a nourishing savasana.   

All levels. Max capacity of 10.



Instructor: Traci Weber

The best of both worlds. This 60 min class is a fusion of power and peace through a blend of yoga and Pilates. You will be taken on a mindful journey where the two disciplines blend. The class ends with a juicy, well deserved savasana. This class brings lots of heat and love.

All levels. Max capacity of 10.


Meditation & Movement

Instructor: Traci Weber

What better way to start your day with some meditation and movement. This class is designed to deeply relax and restore both body and mind. Each class begins with a short breathing exercise, followed by a meditation, and a gentle yoga-inspired practice to wake up and stretch the body.

All levels. Max capacity of 10.


Vinyasa & Oil

Instructor: Traci Weber

Incorporating Essential Oils into your practice can add layers of richness and relaxation to your yoga practice. It’s a match made in heaven. Yoga is all about opening the heart, connecting with the body, and finding healing and freedom through movement- what better way to assist the mind, body, and heart with transformation than by infusing essential oils? This class includes your own mini vial of organic essential oils paired with a vinyasa yoga sequence to support their healing properties. Each week of the series we will explore a different EO.

All levels. Max capacity of 10.


Deep Stretch and Hold Yoga Class

Instructor: Meghan Woolf

This is a Yin style class that is a gentle and relaxing all-level experience that works deeply into the connective tissues and joints of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. This class utilizes extended hold times and postures. These longer holds offer a chance to sit with your emotions and can help with resilience to stress.

All levels. Max capacity of 10.



Instructor: Anastasia Pryanikova

This Yin class is a gentle and relaxing all-level experience that works deeply into the connective tissues and joints of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. This class utilizes extended hold times and postures. These longer holds offer a chance to sit with your emotions and can help with resilience to stress. Delve deep into the connective tissues and fiscia.

All levels. Max capacity of 10.



Instructor: Traci Weber

Vinyasa is a smooth practice that flows from one posture to the next with an emphasis on safe alignment, fluidity and connection to breath. This 60 min class is designed to build your relationship to the self, physically and mentally, through a mindfulness practice of moment to moment non judgmental awareness.

All levels. Max capacity of 10.


Monthly Sister Circles

Instructor: Traci Weber

I firmly believe that connection and support through Circle is one of the most effective ways we can navigate these times. Participating in a Sister Circles is a powerful way for you to make a positive and significant impact on your wellbeing. Women have been communing in Circles throughout the ages, sometimes openly, and sometimes in secret, but always with the intention to bear loving witness to the lives of our Sisters, offering support, strength and wisdom as we weave, and re-weave our web of love, connection, and divine feminine energy. Sitting in a safe, loving, and supportive Circle:

  • Allows us the time and space to tune into our deep and wise knowing.
  • Creates a contained space to hear and be heard.
  • Gives us permission to be vulnerable, raw, and true.
  • Allows us the opportunity to give and to receive.
  • Leads us to compassion and deep healing on a personal and collective level.

All welcome. Max capacity of 10.


Monthly Yoga Nidra and Massage Workshop

Instructor: Traci Weber and Cheryl Yeager

Deep healing relaxation Method/Yoga Nidra (conscious sleep)- This class is accessible to anyone, regardless of physical conditions. Yoga Nidra is a guided, restorative and rejuvenating practice that takes place in savasana, lying down. This class invites you to take the time to release deep tension and stress in the layers of the body (koshas), while remaining aware and awake. As you practice deep relaxation, staying focused on the here and now, you give your body the opportunity to heal and function at optimal levels. The many benefits of yoga nidra can also include better problem solving, improved memory, relief of pain, and increased creativity.

All levels. Max capacity of 10.

divine yoga

Divine Time

Instructor: Amy Rushlow

This class is a slow flow designed to allow you time to reconnect inward. You will be guided through visualization and meditation to start your journey. Followed by a delightful series of movements that associate with the monthly theme. The class is roughly split between the inner work and the outer work.

All levels. Max capacity of 10. 

Meet Your Instructors


Traci Weber

Traci’s journey to yoga began in 1974 when she luckily came across Richard Hittleman’s book Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan. It changed, no, it saved her life. In 2013, wanting to deepen her understanding of yoga, she enrolled in a 200 Yoga Teacher Training at Soul Space in Southington, CT. While there, she trained with Rolf Gates and Nikki Myers. Traci is certified in Yoga for Trauma, Yin Yoga, and Meditation. Making the most of the covid lockdown Traci dove deep into a 300 RYT with Michele Young at My Vinyasa Practice. Being an avid outdoor enthusiast, Traci created WalkAboutYoga. WAY is an active, fun, and social way to have a cardio-based yoga experience while exploring the great outdoors of Milford, CT.

Traci’s classes are heartfelt and intuitive, gently challenging, and deeply nourishing. Through creating a safe space and an emphasis on synchronizing the breath with movement, She helps you flow with more ease and grace while deepening your physical and spiritual practice. She uses the teachings of Hatha Yoga, Y12SR training, Yoga4Trauma, and meditation to promote a healthy, conscious lifestyle.

Traci Weber is an innovative yoga teacher, writer, and passionate world traveler. An eternally grateful student, she has trained in countless traditions of the practice and teaches a fusion of the styles she has studied with a strong emphasis on breath, alignment, and anatomical integrity. Traci teaches workshops, retreats, and is widely known for her yoga hikes and her first book, Reclaim Your Wild.


Amy Rushlow

Amy began her yoga journey back in 2011 when she took a job working for a company called lululemon. This experience propelled Amy into self-discovery and wellness. It literally changed the trajectory of her life. As a mother of 4 children, 2 with ASD and other physical and mental health disorders, Amy was searching for her purpose. Yoga helped lead her to where she is now, living life with purpose and following her North Star. Amy began her 200YTT back in 2017 but life derailed that journey but didn’t stop her passion. Fast-forward a few years, the arrival of baby number 4, a cross country move,  COVID, a career change, Amy was finally able to finish what she started and her teaching career began. Amy is an avid learner and transitioned to her new career as a Certified Health and Life coach, Board Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and Yoga instructor. Amy completed her training through YogaRenew with certifications in Hatha, Yin, Prenatal, and Children’s Yoga. 
Amy found her specialty teaching young children, as well as adults with recovery of injury, injury prevention, alignment, and has never looked back. Her passion to connect with littles ones and enrich their lives brings so much joy to her and her students. Amy’s experience has made her an advocate for accessibility to yoga, meditation, and other wellness opportunities for all. 


Anastasia photo

Anastasia Pryanikova

Anastasia is a RYT 200 Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Yoga Trapeze, and CirqFit Lyra certified teacher, breathwork coach, and herbalist. Anastasia is passionate about connecting people, movement and plants for health and well-being. Her practice and teachings are rooted in the values of personal exploration, accessibility, playfulness, and connection to Nature. A yoga practitioner for over 20 years and a lover of aerial arts that both excite and challenge the body and mind, Anastasia can help create a practice that is unique to you. As a former lawyer and currently a busy mom and entrepreneur, Anastasia quite literally takes yoga off the mat and into everyday life, teaching “car yoga” in a parking lot, chair yoga in a hotel room, breath-work on a hike, yoga and aerial yoga on a farm field, in a salt cave and in people’s backyards. She believes that you can always take your practice wherever life takes you.   


Becca Jean

Becca began practicing yoga in 2009 during a difficult and chaotic time in order to live a more peaceful life. After completing her teacher training in 2010 she gained more insight to herself rather than just teaching postures. The lessons that were learned on the mat began to translate and provide support in everyday life as an anchor. Becca’s practice and classes are deeply rooted in Ashtanga and Forrest yoga. Her classes are strong, focusing on breath, deep core work and alignment. She leads with encouragement and humor.
After dealing with much loss in her life Becca has this motto of Stop living like you live again. This shows up as finding joy everyday and practicing gratitude. There is nothing better than seeing that spark come alive in a student.

Besides teaching yoga Becca loves to spending time with her husband, 2 little girls and, beloved golden retriever Gypsy Rose.

Nanci K

Nanci Kaczegowicz

Nanci is a nationally certified family nurse practitioner, advanced practice holistic nurse, and health and wellness coach. Her additional training as a meditation facilitator, clinical meditation and imagery practitioner, craniosacral therapist, holistic stress management instructor and reiki master allows her to give clients experiential techniques to tap into inner wisdom and resources to promote spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being. 
Nanci is a graduate of Jiiva’s 100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training and Reiki Master programs in 2018. Having found the healing potential of practicing yoga, she was inspired to complete her 200 hour Yoga teacher training at Jiiva in 2020. After she graduated, she continued her yoga journey with Asheville Yoga Center by completing her 300 hour yoga teacher training in July of 2021. Nanci is a 500 RYT with Yoga Alliance.  She is certified in yin yoga, yoga nidra, senior yoga, yoga for chronic pain, and back care yoga. She is excited to be a lifelong yoga student and teacher. 
Meghan Pic

Meghan Woolf

Meghan is a 200 hour registered yoga instructor, social-emotional learning facilitator, and middle school health teacher. Meghan is an advocate for lifelong fitness and her offerings emphasize the mind-body connection that is foundational to yoga.  She personally started practicing yoga to improve strength and flexibility, but quickly realized the deeper, more meaningful benefits physically, mentally and emotionally.  Meghan started her teaching journey by finding ways to incorporate yoga and mindfulness practices into her middle school health classes. Looking to deepen her knowledge, she enrolled in a certification program through Breathe for Change.  Meghan also enjoys spending time with her three daughters, playing tennis, and cycling.


Lisa Fazzino

Lisa began her yoga journey in 2019 to diminish some of her aches and pains caused by sitting at a desk all day as a software engineer. Lisa wanted to re-engineer her body, so she signed up for some yoga classes. After taking a few yoga and meditation classes, Lisa was fascinated how simple techniques such as pranayama (i.e., breathwork), pratyahara (i.e., withdrawing your senses within), and little tweaks to an asana posture had huge benefits on her mind, body, and soul. Since then, Lisa have been on a path of personal transformation, self-inquiry, and spiritual discovery. Lisa completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training through Jiiva and 300-hour teacher training through Raja Center. In addition to being a 500 CYT, she has completed her 100-hour meditation teacher training and has additional certifications in reiki, yin, restorative, chair, and yoga nidra. She is grateful for the opportunity to continue to learn and grow and share this beautiful practice with others.

Jim LoPresti

Jim LoPresti has been a musician since the young age of 8, playing various instruments then finally embracing percussion. Over the recent years he has connected to steel tonal drums which produce various pitches that offer soothing and healing qualities through beautiful and resonate notes. Having studied Tibetan Buddhism for several years Jim found the drums to be a useful aid for his own meditative practices as well as for friends and family. As a sound bath practitioner he encourages the practice of present moment attention and continues to explore the handpan drum for both a means of entertainment and a tool for removing stress in everyday life.


Cheryl Yeager

Cheryl is a licensed Massage & Craniosacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Ritual foot soaks.
Cheryl’s mission is to provide clients with high-quality services and botanical products in a nurturing, safe and therapeutic environment. Her sessions are customized and aim to reduce stress, increase relaxation, relieve or help manage pain and improve mobility. She offers an integrative approach to wellness, intended to compliment other lifestyle changes and healing modalities her clients may be pursuing. 

*Plus CT state sales tax of 6.35%

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