The Next Steps in the Journey

As I have been on this path to whole wellness I found myself stuck. I was struggling as I worked with people who were only looking to work on their physical health. I struggled because as I saw this people, I saw ALL of them. Their pain, their joy, their struggles, and their hope. In all that, I saw how society has conditioned us that as long as we change our weight, then everything magically aligns. Poof! We become thin, healthy and therefore more desirable. Gag me!!! This is so far from the truth.

This focus on weight was really weighing on me (no pun intended). I wanted to provide more, be more, do more, as I know this is my calling. Then I remembered what I learned in my trainings and did some digging and found a continuing education to support what I was wanting to focus on. That lead me to the Functional Nutrition Alliance. I knew this was the next step for me in my journey. I am so happy to say that I am currently on a 10 month journey to add Functional Nutrition Counselor to my credentialing. I will then be able to add the words board certified to my name.

This is such an exciting next step to helping people use food as medicine. Allowing individuals to address issues like anxiety, depression, IBS, SIBO, diabetes, chronic fatigue, cancer, inflammatory issues and many more ailments, through the use of food and nutrition. Being able to work with clients and medical doctors to correct leaky gut issues, constipation, bloating, fatigue, etc., which will provide an improved quality of life. One of my recent clients didn’t know she could live her life without chronic stomach pain. She has had it for over 20 years. I am happy to report she is no longer in pain and knows what causes the pain and how to combat it. She has a much better quality of life now and is able to focus on other concerns, like weight loss and reducing her dependence on prescription medications.

I am so excited and already learning so much. With that I am maintaining a client roster that supports me being able to balance work, school, and life. If you are interested in joining my waitlist please let me know so as I have openings, you are the first to get in.

I wish you lots of love, light and health. -Amy