Not a Mind Reader, NOT EVEN with YOURSELF

We have all heard communication is key. While I totally agree with this statement I don’t think we fully practice it. I have found in my life that communication is key when we have the right answer or know what we should say, but here’s the thing…. sharing when we don’t know the answer, asking for help, and being truly okay with what comes out our mouth, are all under used forms of communication. Not knowing is NOT a form of weakness. Being vulnerable and letting someone know when we don’t know is actually strength. We are not mind readers, no really, we are not. SO use your words, express yourself, take time to process your emotions even when you aren’t sure, or don’t know what you need. Letting others in and on to the same page as you are, sharing… what’s going on in that beautiful mind (love me some John Legend) can be more beneficial than making something up, or telling the person what you think they want to hear.

One of my favorite quotes, and I have many, is from George Bernard Shaw, and he states, “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Let that sink in. Really sink in. How about when it comes to you communicating with yourself? Do you actually listen to your thoughts, feelings, emotions, vibes, gut, etc. ? Do you let it speak, or are you silencing it? Burying it down deep because you don’t want to be rude or deal with the things it might be bringing up. STOP THAT! Honor your voice, whether internal or external, it is a part of you. IT IS YOUR VOICE!! Yes I am yelling that at you so hopefully your brain, subconscious, heart, and soul ALL hear me. I love you friends. Be kind to yourselves and show some grace. You’ve got this. I am so grateful that you are a part of my crew. Now lets all get out there and practice communicating with ourselves. Oh and others. GOOOOOOOOO TEAM!