LOVE is in the air

As I have been talking to a lot of women about their lives, health, struggles, goals recently, I noticed something that kept coming up. Women look after most everyone else before they look after themselves. WHY?!!! Is it societal pressures, the way we were raised, the patriarch, the list can go on and on. At this point I think it is a culmination of many things. What I do know is that I am sick of it.

Women are such amazing creatures and should be treated and preserved as the goddesses they are. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of care. You are worthy of questioning. You are worthy of using the word NO. You are worthy of having boundaries. You are worthy of having a voice. You are worthy of being seen. As is every other human on this planet. Men, Women, Trans, Queer, Pan, Bi, POC, Indigenous, Asian, and whatever other classification you want to throw at it.

Stop giving away your power. Stop allowing others to define you. Stop discounting yourself. Listen to me when I tell you, YOU ARE AMAZING! There are so many sayings around it but I love the one that says, “See yourself like your dog sees you”. With such love, curiosity, kindness, tenderness, adventure and grace. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Give yourself grace. Start small and establish it as a habit.

Look at yourself in the mirror with wide open eyes and look at what a remarkable human you are. Put yourself first. You deserve it. Write yourself a love letter. Don’t be afraid to own your greatness. Tell others how wonderful you are. That you are an amazing hugger. That you are great at computers. That you cook an amazing dish. That you have such great patience. That you can take a great picture. What ever it might be.

OWN YOUR MAGIC!! Every last ounce of it.

Own your greatness and put you first. Check in with your gut, your brain, your heart FIRST when making decisions. Not your boss, spouse, parents, friends, coworkers, whom ever. Trust yourself. I am sending you so much love and grace that you can see your greatness and share it with the rest of us.

Much love and light-