I’m okay. Gut check, that’s a lie.

That title sounds ominous, ooooooohhhhhhh. I really am fine but sometimes I’m not my greatest. And this over achiever likes being AMAZING everyday so when I’m not, it really hits me. I am writing this as it is raining out and there is going to be a full moon tonight. I totally feel the shift. I am feeling very scattered, rushed, a little insecure, and just meh. So when my friend texted me how I was, I said good. Then did an immediate gut check and let he know that was a lie. A great text convo ensued and we were both able to express how we were feeling, how we witnessed ourselves, what we needed, and the love and gratitude to take what we each needed.

That text convo was EXACTLY what I needed. It helped me to witness what was going on with me, pivot, and prioritize what I needed to get myself back on track. Thank you to my friend, you know who you are for being in community with me and providing a safe place to be myself. I hope I was able to provide you with the same.

So moral of the story kids, LISTEN to yourself. Pay witness to how you are acting, feeling, expressing your needs. If it is not aligned with who you want to be, STOP, pause, reflect, seek support, seek community, and do what you need to get back on track. I have decided to not fight the chaos but rather control it a bit so I can harness it’s energy rather than letting it high-jack mine. Just making that conscience choice provided a deep sign of relief. I could feel the tension immediately begin to release. I changed my clothes into something more comfortable, light a couple candles, had my diffuser going with a scent that supported me, put my comfy slippers on and came here to share with you all. Lots of love and light to you. Go be YOU! ALL of YOU!!