I love my job, do YOU

I can not tell you how much I love what I do. No seriously! As a coach there is a lot of hard work involved. Hustling to get new leads, trying to grow your brand, getting rejected on the daily, and constantly investing in yourself so you can provide more wealth of education to your clients, let alone coaching your current clients. All this work is so worth it to me. When I might be having a hard day, not landing any interest in a program I’m running or struggling to create a hook for social media, then BAM! The Universe connects me with someone who re-energizes me and reminds me of my purpose.

I have recently come across a group of women in my community that take my breath aware. The are inspiring, honest, kind, and seeking a change in which they entrusted me. What a huge responsibility and greatest compliment. It is why I chose to be a coach. Meeting people that are tired of yo-yo diets, experiencing great results only to have it all wiped out once they go back to their normal lives. I too have experienced this. What I promote in my business is individualized programs (even when it’s a group run program) that focuses on the person and what they can actually do for the long term.

This isn’t a quick fix but rather a long lasting life style change approach.

Creating a new reality that supports the individual in their long term goals. I can’t tell you how much it lights me up working with people who are so willing to be vulnerable, take risks, commit to themselves, and actually achieve change.

Hell YES I have the best job. To all of those I have worked with in some capacity, THANK YOU! Not only have I impacted your life, you have totally impacted mine. Keep believing in yourself, exploring new things, and savoring every moment. You are the best.

Much love and light-Amy