How am I going to manage it all?

Managing a small business, being a wife, being a mother to 4 and 2 have special needs and medical issues, managing a home, managing furthering my education, managing my own health and wellness can be F%$@ing tough. I don’t list all these things to make you feel less than or me feel better. I list these to show the reality of the situation. To break it down WE ALL HAVE A LOT GOING ON. You, me, the cashier at the grocery store, the UPS delivery person, to the barista at your local coffee shop. So with all the craziness comes a habit of going inward in thinking of MY issues, MY life are the only thing that matter. In some respect it is because these other people aren’t paying our bills, taking care of our children, or feeding our family. But they are doing those things to others.

So the next time you find yourself going inward. Stop and take a pause. Think of others and acknowledge you are not walking in their shoes. You don’t know what is on their plate and GIVE GRACE. Allow for them to maybe vent, grieve, or smile at you. AND THIS IS THE BIG PART……………..ACCEPT IT!!!!! It might not feel good to get ignored, yelled at, or just plain given a look. But here is the thing, we can still set boundaries to keep us whole and intact, but also be a sounding board for others. Take a minute to listen to them. Without solving, justifying, or defending. Just let them have the release. Be that support for them. Feel free to ask if they feel better, did it help them, anything else they need to get off their chest?

Here’s the thing, I am more than willing to let someone yell at me when I have allowed it to happen. Knowing that I am not going to take it personally but rather as a gift for them to have a space to unload. Hopefully this allows them to release, grow, and get back in alignment with being the good human they are. Yes I said good human they are. I assume we are all inherently good. Call that naive, silly, or just plain stupid, it doesn’t bother me. I try to exude love, light, and kindness at all times. I am far from perfect but I am secure in who I am and who I want to be. I love you, I see you, I support you. You are doing a good job.

So next time to run in to someone, show some love, kindness, and support for our fellow humans. We ARE ALL GOING THROUGH A LOT.