Tuesday Talk Time: 30-Minutes

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I have been approached by several friends, potential clients and current clients about working with me however my current programs aren’t exactly what they might need for certain occasions, yet they really like my approach, how easy it is to talk to me, how knowledgeable I am, how quickly I can help them get to the root of the issue, and so on. #thankyouforthelove

This got me thinking, how can I support them as well? #curious

This has led me to create… #lightening

Tuesday Talk Time with Coach Amy

Come with something you need help with and get support from a trained professional life coach. #thatsme

I am NOT a therapist, although I have a degree in Psychology, where I support my clients is in the between. I work with several therapists and doctors to round out people’s support team. #collaborate

Has your therapist or doctor given you the advice to practice breathing, journaling, meditation, creating a schedule that supports you, eating better, planning your menu, talking about your feelings, working on your communication, sharing, etc… but when it comes time to do it, your stuck? You have no idea where to start? What to do? #help

That’s where I come in. I help you create action behind the advice or recommendations. I work with you to make you successful in achieving these things. #winning

These sessions are designed to offer you support, accountability, and a safe space to express yourself and get the help that’s free from judgment, guilt, or shame.

This is not a set program, course, teaching, so no commitment is necessary. #easybreezy

If you are struggling and need someone with training to talk to, then sign up. #joinme

You can sign up for as little or as much as you want. Take it one day, one session at a time. #flexible

I’m offering 30- and 60-min sessions. Book what works best for your schedule, budget, and needs.

Once you’ve completed this purchase, return to this course page and your ‘magic link’ for scheduling your session will be revealed in the details below.

Important: This is the page for purchasing and booking a 30-Minute session. Please click here to purchase a 60-minute session instead.

Look forward to chatting with you on Tuesdays.

Much love and light.

– Coach Amy


*Please redeem within 45 days of purchase.

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Instructions for booking your 30-Minute Talk Tuesday session with Amy:

  • Get Your Magic Scheduling Link Here

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Rushlow Wellness
Rushlow Wellness
Certified Life Caoch, Health Coach and Functional Nutrition Counselor
Enrolment validity: 45 days

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