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About Course

Pause, Reflect, and Transform The Way You Live

The program is designed to help you clarify your goals and objectives, learn ways to create new healthy habits, and break bad ones to achieve your visions. The focus is to identify what needs to be changed and improved to help you feel confident, successful, and happy. I will help you determine your greater purpose, address life issues, and overcome challenges to create the kind of life you want.

When it comes to the pursuit of happiness and the quest for meaning, every human being is different. Following an individualized approach, we will identify the unique challenges and behaviors that are holding you back and the ways of moving past them. You will also learn how to take massive action in times of uncertainty.

You will not get any advice. Instead, you will get the push you need to find within yourself the answers to your questions, arrive at decisions, and make choices with a conscious mindset.

No two life coaching sessions are the same. Depending on your situation and challenges, we can try a variety of ways to equip you with tools and inspiration for making positive life changes.

Our 1-hour weekly Zoom sessions will keep you on track and provide you with accountability. I will help you troubleshoot any challenges that you might encounter while following your plan.

As a result of our life coaching, you will likely be more clear about your life goals, develop a deeper understanding of your capabilities, confront and break through your mental and emotional handicaps, and take steps towards a happier and fulfilled life.

Once you’ve completed this purchase (you will be prompted to make a user account), return to this course page (login again if needed) and your ‘magic link’ for scheduling your session(s) will be revealed in the details below.

My Approach
I am committed to providing a safe and positive environment to discuss anything that is going on in your life. Being a non-judgemental listener, I can help you identify your goals.

My no-nonsense approach sometimes involves pointing out that “the old keys won’t open the new doors.” Identifying the underlying issues or bad habits often create an opportunity for developing new habits.

I also help you to look inside yourself through meditation and breathing exercises. This can help in reducing stress and provide you with renewed energy.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Ways to create new healthy habits that support your overall vision of you living your best life
  • Learn how to break old habits and patterns that do not serve you
  • Learn to create new habits, behaviors and beliefs that support you in supporting your best life
  • Learn to recognize the need for course corrections when habits and actions are no longer support your goals.

Course Content

Instructions for booking your sessions(s) with Amy

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Rushlow Wellness
Rushlow Wellness
Certified Life Caoch, Health Coach and Functional Nutrition Counselor
Enrollment validity: 100 days


  • Ability to access Zoom for Virtual coaching Sessions
  • Ability to schedule weekly 60-minute Zoom sessions with coach
  • Commitment to investing in yourself
  • Old Keys do not unlock new doors… being willing to go to uncomfortable places


  • Appropriate for all levels

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