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Career Coaching

Learn to Level Up Your Career
The program is designed to help you discover what you are seeking from your job and how to achieve that based on your goals. The focus is on understanding your gifts and connecting them with the right opportunities, communicating the value you bring, and defining success on your terms.

You might be finding yourself at career crossroads where you feel that you are settling for less than what you truly deserve or want. Career coaching can help you level up your professional life, salary, and degree of influence.

I will use a structured, and holistic approach to challenge your deeply-held limiting beliefs and help you get out of your way. We will translate your values and goals into real-life job opportunities. We’ll also discover what you want, what’s holding you back, and how to get there.

Together we will develop a personalized career strategy and decide the right tools you need to execute it. We will also align your career, life, and money goals to help you make more fulfilled and happy.

Our 1-hour weekly Zoom sessions will provide you with the support and accountability you need to execute. Each session offers a safe and judgment-free space. You will always feel heard and valued, and the coaching sessions will be customized according to your progress.

As a result of career coaching, you will likely be more clear about what you want and not what seems realistic, what is getting in your way, and the multiple paths to achieve your goals.

Once you’ve completed this purchase (you will be prompted to make a user account), return to this course page (login again if needed) and your ‘magic link’ for scheduling your session(s) will be revealed in the details below.

My Approach
During my 1:1 coaching approach, we will create a customized and personalized blueprint of where you are at in your career path and how to achieve your goals. It’s a comprehensive program to design a career strategy, customized to your situation. The coaching program will also provide you with the accountability and support to follow it.