Relationship Coaching

Achieve Joy and Fulfillment In Your Relationship

The program is designed to help you develop key skills for developing a healthy relationship in marriage or romantic commitment or family dynamics. The goal is to equip you with tools for conflict resolution, speaking with integrity, and making choices that support both sides of a relationship.

When it comes to a relationship, some of the biggest challenges that you might be facing are detachment from your partner, constant argument, and inability to problem-solve together. You might also be facing relationship issues with your parents, in-laws, or adult children.

We start by exploring these challenges and understanding the root cause. Absurd arguments and resentments often result from unmet expectations. Clear communication of what you want often solves most of the issues. We try to understand how you want to solve a particular problem, what might work, and what needs to be changed.

Depending on your unique relational dynamics, we will design experimental solutions. The answers you find will come from you and be distinctive to your relationship.

I will help you find ways to avoid the power struggle and start better communication and conversation. Our 1-hour weekly Zoom sessions will keep you on track. We will discuss and evaluate what is working and what is not working for continuous improvement.

As a result of this coaching, you are likely to build healthy boundaries, identify and change limiting beliefs, communicate powerfully and effectively, and practice authentic and honest expression.

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My Approach
Following an explorative approach, I will help you identify the problems, how to get past them, and your goals. Together we will try to achieve more than you would alone. I believe in skill-building rather than person-fixing. This means that you will develop abilities that enable you to have extraordinary relationships.