2021= DO

Rushlow Wellness had a soft launched in 2020 as the world was experiencing a new normal. I was adjusting to a new life with home schooling, a toddler, managing a household, and figuring things out for myself. I did a lot of soul searching, passion exploring and purpose alignment. That lead me to focusing on Rushlow Wellness and getting coaching services to the masses. Rushlow Wellness Membership programs was born from this. If you haven’t checked them out, please do. They are meant to support you with navigating yourself through your life. They provide support, accountability, expansion, exploration and discovery all from a safe place, your home.

I have found my passion and purpose, which is helping others not need a vacation from their lives. Helping other’s learn about themselves, what they want to be up to in this world, how to get the most out of life, and what is the legacy they want to leave. I work with people from all different backgrounds navigating relationships, communication, careers, self development, health management, stress management, anxiety, fear, and depression. So if you are looking for help, I am here. Please reach out for a FREE discovery session today. XO